Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 3 | Playground taking shape

Wanted to share a picture of the progress. Here's a look at the two story playground we are building. If you live near Gassaway, make sure to attend church on Sunday Night. We will have a live phone call with the group. 

Please continue to pray for our group. Becka is still feeling under the weather and could use your prayers as she recovers from an ear infection.

All of your comments are read to our group each night. We continue to work on better Internet access and we may have a video or two up later.


  1. Tell Lloyd that Allie & I said Happy Father's Day and that we love him.


  2. I appreciate the pictures and updates! Tell Becka to give Emily a big hug for me. And, don't take the eye rolling personal, that's just Emily :)