Sunday, June 16, 2013

Day 4 | Mickey

We had another great day here. The weather was great, not to hot. We had our choice of services this morning and we decided to go to the 6:00 a.m. service was they told us to be there at 6:30. Even though I didn’t understand a word that was preached it was still a great service. Sundays are long here since no work can be done and all of the stores and markets are closed. The majority of the group went on a hike to the waterfalls and from the stories they are telling what a trip it was. I have really enjoyed getting to know everyone better this week. Wish I was home to be with my wife during her loss, but I also know she has her church family and family there to support her. Thank you Riley for the father’s day cards and enjoy your week at camp. I know you will enjoy it. Happy father’s day Dad, wish you were here to see the work that is being done and how nice the people of Haiti are.

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  1. Hey babe! Dropped Riley off at camp! Realized we packed way tooooo much stuff when I had to lug it up to her cabin. Thank goodness it will be her problem to get it back down! I miss her already! Faith's awake and talking to herself! Wonder where she gets that from? Talk to you soon! Be safe! Love ya!