Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 5 | Bill

Well I missed blogging yesterday so I thought I would be the first on my computer today. Today was the warmest so far, but not real hot. The kids are still recuperating from their hike yesterday. Today went well and we almost have the shell of the playground done. Besides working very hard there has been a lot of laughter. Listening to the kids and adults I truly believe that this trip is changing them. We are still gathering quite a crowd watching us work. Our morning Bible studies are growing also. Have morning studies with the workers and who ever else passes by is pretty cool. Last night I had the chance to preach for the English speaking people and that was cool. There are so many neat things happening and it is so cool just to be a part of what is going on. For the last 2 nights the kids have been sitting around singing praise songs as Lane plays. The other night he played so long that he got a cramp in his hand. It reminded me of Montana with Kenny. So many memories being made. I just wish more people had the chance to be here. There are so many kids just sitting around watching us, I know they are counting down the days until they can play on it. Great day today and tomorrow we go to the market. Love ya Bron.

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