Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day 6 | John

Today was a great day. First we went to the market, and Mickey was very popular with the ladies. At the market we had to buy an item from a certain place, then we rode to a different place so we could see how far the place was from the market. It’s amazing how far the people walked to make around $7. Then we came back and worked on the boat the rest of the day. I realized today that my time here is growing very short, I wish I could stay longer. It has been an eye opening experience for me. Grandma, grandpa, and William remember that I love and miss you.

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  1. I talked to your Grandma Sunday. I don't think she was certain of how to blog or read the blog but I did tell her and William that you missed them and loved them. Prayers for safe travels home and transformed hearts for all.