Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day 6 | Kelsie

The market this morning was interesting. It was a little scary because I was the “leader” and it was very crowded. I loved the ride to the market and back. It was a little bumpy, but fun. Making the cargo net this evening was a little frustrating, but we finally got the hang of it after a few trial and errors(sorry for the rope in the eye logon lol). Really missing everyone back home, but excited for what next week will bring. I love and miss you guys back home!! LYBTTS mom and dad!!

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  1. It is so awesome seeing you on the videos tell Eric and Becca thank you thank you thank you! Grandma and grandpa love watching them to! They said they love you and miss you and so do we!!!!! Can't wait to have you home!! Lybtts mom and dad