Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Day 7 | Mickey

Hard to believe the first week is over and that the first group is heading home in the morning and the next group will be here tomorrow evening. Not much work today, we did finish the rope cargo net to climb and precut boards for the next group. This afternoon was the day we got to go barter with the locals for any souvenirs that we wanted to take home. It was fun watching the kids and adults talk with the Haitian’s. Some were very good at bartering and some were not. Kind of sad to see this first group go, have learnt that doing one project with 2 groups is no fun. They both paid the same to come and work on this but only one gets to see the finished product. The majority of this first group does not want to leave in the morning and I can certainly understand why. I love and miss you, tell Riley and Faith the I love them both. This is the longest we have been apart and I really miss you.

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  1. We miss and love you, too! Wondering how Riley is doing at camp. I'm sure she will have many stories to tell as will you! Sounds like bartering was more fun than the market! What does Big Poppy mean anyway? Or do we want to know?! Glad I got to talk to you last night - it was good to hear your voice. We're doing fine - it has been nice spending time with Faith, but I'll be glad to have Riley home. I'm sure she misses you! You know what a daddy's girl she is! Take care and we'll see you in about a week!