Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 8 | Bill

Part 1 We got up this morning in with the lack of excitement as most of the team knew that they were going home today. Many hearts were heavy,including mine. As we started to pack and take our stuff out of our rooms the team knew their time has came to an end. Many last pictures were taken and some of the kids went for one last walk to the playground. Some of them climbed to the top and refused to come down. Logan had to talk them down because no one wanted to go home. Everyone wanted to stay the second week and to finish what they started. There were a lot of tears shed as we loaded the bus and had one last prayer together as a group. To all of you who sent your family members with us the first week, you have a lot to be proud of. They all handled themselves very well, worked very hard and played even harder. There is way too many memories for me to write about so make sure to talk to them when they get home. There was so much laughter that it didn’t seem that we were that far away from home. I believe that as a group we became as one and everyone was looking out for each other and the team work was outstanding. And yes I am tearing up as I write this. It was very hard for me to see them leave without me for this is a new experience for me too. Watching them load the bus and leave without me was hard. Pray for their safety and be very proud of them. We are going to have our service on july 21( team 1 notice the change) to share with everyone else what happened here and how we are not the same as when we came. So mark your calendar and I will see you all in a few days. Love ya bron Part 2 They have arrived and everything is better now. Started with laughs and good food. More later.


  1. Well we are back in the USA and on our long long long trip back home. Vicki is in tears cause she misses you all so much or cause Lori is driving I'm not real sure. We all really miss you and it sucks that we all were not able to stay and finish the arc with you all. We all know you will all do a great job on the arc and that because of you God will be glorified. We love you all and are praying for you. Good good luck and someone tell dad to take his heart meds. Love the silver van

  2. Sounds like a bitter sweet day with one group hating to leave and another excited to come. I hope you got a little rest today before more work tomorrow. Been texting Tyler since he is in the van traveling home and he sounds full of stories. Stick your head in there the next Skype time!! Love and Miss You!!!!