Friday, June 21, 2013

Day 9 | Emerson

Day 1 for the second group of working! It was a great day the morning was just beautiful and the evening was great as well. Bill told me that today was the hottest day out of both weeks. I couldn’t believe it at all because it felt about like the heat at home to me. I really do love it in the mountains of Haiti. I definitely want to come back next year if we get the chance. I love being around the people here too. They are all very nice and doing everything they can to help us. Mary Lou is a very great cook! She is a local here and has made plenty of food for us each day. Today was just a great day and I cannot wait for the next adventure tomorrow. Love and miss everyone back home!

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  1. Emerson "aka Big Poppy Jr."
    I hereby pass the "Hug Mary Lou every day" torch to you. Lane