Friday, June 21, 2013

Day 9 | Madison

Well, one day is down! I am so tired in so many different places. My feet feel as if they can’t sustain a single pound. I can’t grip anything from all the holes I attempted to dig today. I will sleep good tonight for sure. I was very surprised at how well I slept last night! I didn’t hear a single snore the whole night! My “two Benadryl and music” method worked pretty well, I guess! I’ll probably do the same thing tonight. I’m not taking any chances on losing sleep. It seems like we got a lot of work done today. So much stuff is going up like the slides and some of the teeter totters. There is still tons and tons of work left to do, but I know we’ll accomplish all of our tasks and more. We all worked so fast and hard, so there is no way and project will go unfinished. Bible study was very interesting this morning. I sat beside a Haitian He knew English very well. Chase asked him how he was, and he responded, “Good.” It really shocked me. When Mark was speaking, he didn’t wait for the translator to repeat the phase in his language. He even looked at my Bible and read along with us. Bill was right, they really do love to sing. I can be walking to the bathroom and pass a Haitian, and they will be either humming or singing something. They are very interesting people to watch. They never stop until their job is finished. I have a new appreciation for the tools we have back in the U.S. They do EVERYTHING by hand. It’s incredible. I can’t wait to get back into the groove tomorrow!

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