Friday, June 21, 2013

Day 9 | Mark

Today was our groups first full day of work on the playground and I must say that it was a great time! It is so good to see a group of Christian folk work together as well as our group has, I know that this has been a good witness to the local residents who have come every day to observe us. A quick shout out to Gina Stalnaker: the hat is alive and well and still very much in use! Thanks for leaving it behind. Also word has reached us that we are the “B” team coming off the bench, is that right Hannah? Listen bugger if we had come down the first week we would have finished it!! Just kidding, but it will be a thrill to get the job done so that God will be glorified! I thank God for delivering our first group home safely and pray for us as well. Thanks for all your prayers thus far and please don’t stop.


  1. If the 1st team had there way we would have finish the job and you would be pulling weeds. Lol Have fun

  2. Hello everyone! So good to read your blogs and glad my stylish hat(lol) is still alive and well. Quinn and I miss being there and it was very difficult to leave. We can't wait to see the daily videos and photos of the finished project; hopefully with lots of children playing on the ark.
    Brent, Nick loves his machete and you did a great job bartering! To the rest of our group who stayed behind, we miss you all very much. You're all terrific!
    Much love and prayers,
    Gina and Quinn