Friday, June 14, 2013

Day 1 | Lori

First I would like to dispel the vicious rumor that Vicki and I jacked chocolate chip cookies and pepperoni rolls from Bill’s truck. Bronlynn made those for US and I appreciate it very much! If we are guilty of anything, it is only the encouragement of sharing! "I wish to refute this horrendous attempt at self justification. I was among the victims of the welfare state that these women brought to our van. They repeatedly took our food other goods, while bringing forth no provisions of their own. I do not wish to speak in a deprecating fashion of these fine women, but the truth must be heard. This welfare state must end." -written by Russell For those of you who know me…Yes, I have cried already. It was hard to say good bye to family this morning. The prayer our pilot prayed this morning before taking off was powerful. I was shocked to see the hoards of people at the airport and thankful that Mickey looks like a body guard! I am very thankful for the safe trip and the blessings we have experience so far. Thank you all for your prayers. Much love!


  1. Glad you arrived safely! Love you!!


  2. Just think how many lives you can touch while your there and then the students back here that will garner much from your first hand experiences there. Love you and are proud of you! God bless this mission.