Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day 10 | Kelsie

Today was another great day! I routed all morning, helped paint the signs, and helped with a small cargo net this evening. Everyone worked really hard and it was fun getting to see some kids play on the few things we have finished. I know we are getting close to being done and I’m a little sad. It will be and amazing God thing seeing all the kids enjoying this great thing the first day it is done and seeing it be a new ministering tool. I know it is going to be packed as soon as the word gets out. We already had kids show up today asking when it will be finished. Pumpkin soup was just as good as last week. I look forward to resting tomorrow while everyone else gets to experience the hike. Gina, miss all of you guys a lot and wish Emily was still here to experience this week with me. Vicki, I do! Miss everyone from last week TONS! Mom, I will be on Skype again tomorrow night so tell everyone to be there!! Miss and love all you guys so much!! Starting to get a little homesick, but I will be so sad to leave here! I love it here, I love seeing the impact on people and myself! Everyone read Shawn Hunter’s blog btw!! LYBTTS mom and dad!!

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