Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day 10 | Madison

Today was very eventful! I got pretty spoiled and got to paint all day, which was very nice. I enjoyed having that break from the back-breaking labor. It wasn’t really back-breaking, but it was hard, definitely not girl work, but hey, I made it through to the next day. Shawn Hunter witnessed to a Haitian which was incredible! His son was the first Haitian to go down the slide. He was a little sweetheart. He didn’t know any English, but that didn’t really surprise me because he was only eight years old. I took a few pictures with him; he liked to look at them after they were taken. Before lunch, while we were painting, I made friends with a young Haitian man. I don’t recall his name, but it was definitely foreign and really long, but I remember it started with an L. I told him I was impressed with his English. Then he told me he didn’t speak it very well, but I told him that he was doing a much better job than I would ever do if I lived here and spoke this language. When I asked him how old he was, he was very hesitant to answer, he thought for a while then said, “I know it’s a 1 first and then a 9.” I immediately responded with nineteen, and he said, “I think so. Is that all?” So I told him yes. I told him how old I was, which he wasn’t sure how old sixteen was supposed to be, so I simplified it down to telling him that I was three years younger than he was. He was still in school; tenth grade. He wasn’t sure what sports were until I gave him a few examples. He played basketball and of course, soccer. He was very kind to ask me questions about myself and the things that I enjoyed. He asked me if I thanked God everyday for my parents and my siblings. He was just a very sweet guy. I was a little upset with myself because I didn’t get a picture with him. I got to take my first warm shower today! It was half cold, half warm. I used the cold at first because I was still hot from working, then I did the cup shower once I couldn’t stand the cold anymore. I am very excited to see the way they have church in the morning, but I am not too thrilled to wake up before 6:00. I haven’t decided if I am going to go on the waterfall hike tomorrow or not. I know I will end up going, but I’m still being very indecisive. Homesickness is starting to set in. I miss my boyfriend A LOT. It really sucks not being able to talk to him. Everyone is starting to get into the grove of things, but I’m anxious to get home; A few more days! I’ll be sad to leave, but happy to get back home!

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