Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 2 | Kelsie

Day two was a little slow at the start, but we got a lot done. I got to get the opportunity to work with the “perfectionists,” a.k.a. Tyler and Russell, it was very aggravating and I was very tempted to use my hammer on them a few times, but I managed through all the teasing. The weather was really nice, and the little rain storm didn’t put a damper on anyone’s spirit. I got to know a few of the locals, even though the language barrier is very difficult. Everyone here is so friendly and joyous; I expect to learn a lot about myself and to grow closer to God through my experiences and the people here. My favorite part about today was dinner, all the mission families ate with us for pizza night (which was amazing, our cook is the best!) I got to sit with and know Chelsie, she is a great person and is very sweet. It was nice listening to the stories the missionaries had to share about their years here. I’m having a great time and am excited to see what is to come the next weeks. And to everyone at home I love you! LYBTTS mom and dad!!

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  1. Hey babe girl I'll be sending some skirts with Emerson. Did you get some there? I looked at the calendar today and it's still a long time before your home made me miss you more lol! Looks like you all are making awesome progress on the playground :-). Oh and Stella came home last night!!! Me and your dad was out on the porch heard her meowing and your dad went to check and she was coming up the drive way! Now she won't leave us alone wanting lovingslol :-)! Don't know where she'd been but she's a little skinny and boy was she hungry! I'm praying for you and missing you every day but I'm also so excited for you and proud of how your letting God use you to bless so many people! You have allowed God to create such a beautiful you! I am so thankful! Lybtts!!!! Mom (and your dad to he says)