Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 2 | Logan

Well its day one well actually its day two or dose for all you people my Hispanic fans( if I have any), its pretty cool here I’m having a lot of fun. Unfortunately I had to say goodbye to several of my old friends from last year and I probably wont see them unless I come back or God just makes our paths cross. I miss everyone back home and I’m excited to see everyone again and tell you of my adventure in person. It sucks that I wont be here to see the boat fully done in person, I’m super psyched about it. Oh I almost forgot our first night here was pretty good if you can get passed the spider that wanted to sleep with me, the three people giving birth and Lori pushing Vicky down to get away from the security guard. Well I got to do a lot today like dig holes, carry wood, repair a pick axe, and make a little bow and it worked I was very impressed. Well that’s pretty much all that’s going on today so I’m gonna hop off here and smash some people at Frasket-ball ( its taking off by the way) I miss you all and I’ll be home soon love you all and HAPPY 22ND!!!!

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