Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 3 | Lane

We had another great day of working on the playground. The weather was great. Haiti is in their rain season, so, we get interrupted with a couple of showers, and then it’s back to work. Last night God blessed me by drowning out Mickey’s snoring with a rainstorm. Mickey’s loud, but not as loud as a tin roof. There was a lot of natives watching us work. We had kids around us all day, including a cute Haitian girl hitting on my son. (Trey witnessed a Haitian lady hitting on me yesterday). The Bible study I led this evening dealt with overcoming our fears to accomplish things for God. How many times have we let fear or doubt cripple us?

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  1. Hey Waldo,
    It's me and Mom. So glad to see you made it to down there. Keep us updated. We like reading your blog. We miss you! Love you, YFS & Mom
    PS: Mom said 96-4