Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 3 | Logan

Well another day done, one day closer to returning home to work , stress, and long boring days. However there are also several other things that are at home that I do miss and are ready to see again. But I want to tell you how I felt before I came down here, I didn’t want to come. I thought that it would be crowded and that some of the kids would get on my nerves, well I was right however what I forgot was how I much I miss this place. I miss the people and how they are so happy that someone cares about them. Also its so beautiful down here, like nothing you have ever seen no matter where your deer stand is. If you couldn’t make it here I’m so sorry that you have to wait for the next trip if we ever get to have another. I’m glad that I have a dad that pays my way through life, I’d miss out on a lot if I had to pay my way. I wish that I could’ve helped out I mean I’m kind of a money bum. Now I know that this is long and some of you may not read the whole thing but if it wasn’t for my dad I wouldn’t have came either this time or last year and I would have never had been on half of the adventures I’ve been on. Now my mother also helps out and she cares too and I love her for it. To all my brothers who couldn’t come either from money or other plans I’m sorry that we all couldn’t go on this grand adventure. Well Lanes got a guitar out and is singing some songs so I’m going to hop off here and either listen or sing along I haven’t decided yet. I love and miss you all and to all the other fathers out there who paid the way for their kids to come thank you and happy fathers day!

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