Sunday, June 16, 2013

Day 4 | Kelsie

Tonight’s blog is probably going to be a little lengthy because I forgot to last night, so sorry ahead of time. Yesterday we had a very productive day, I have now tried about every job that we have done except for sawing and mixing/pouring concrete. I was accepted into team perfect yesterday as Tyler and Russell’s protégé! This morning we attended the local church at 6:30am, it was very interesting even though we couldn’t understand anything. After lunch, we went on a hike to a water fall, the trip down was a little painful and ended in scrapes, bruises and the bottoms out of my shorts, the trip up was very tiring, but it was all worth it in the end. It was a great experience that I’m glad I had the chance to do, but not sure yet if I’ll do it again next week or not! Glad I got to Skype the church with a few others tonight and let them know how things were going. I’m loving it here and so excited I get to stay for next week! Love and miss everyone back home!!

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  1. Hey Kels it was so good to see you on Skype! Me your dad, Britt, Kingston, grandma and grandpa wetter all there Kingston wanted you to stay up there on the TV he didn't like it when you went away lol. So glad things are going well. Continue to let God use you. Miss you Lybtts mom and dad