Sunday, June 16, 2013

Day 4 | Courtney

Today we went to a 6 am church service and went for a hike to see some waterfalls. The church service was in no English other than when we sang someone Happy Birthday. When we went on the hike, we were supposed to go to five different water falls but we only made it to one. The hike was crazy. We had to slide of this really steep mountain and we all pretty much have scratches all over us. On the way back we had to walk up a different side of the mountain. It was interesting. It was a really good day. Happy Father’s day dad, Love you.


  1. Court, go out and play some of the kids in some ball. They would love it. Keep up the fantastic work and testimony.

    Maybe some 2 on 2 in a month??? Shoot, I'll take you against your mom, dad and Josh. We'll smoke them.

    Stevie G

  2. Hi Court! Sounds like you had quite an adventurous trip on the hike, sounds like my kind of trip! Glad you got to experience a Haitian church service, we love and worship God no matter what the culture or language is. Kayley and Christina are doing great, and Josh misses you like crazy (though he's doing a good job of hiding it!) Continue to bless the people there and take good care of Mom for me. God Bless you, luv ya lots! See you soon, Dad.

  3. Hey Court! I am glad you are having a great time. Also we beat Bridgeport in our summer league game! Haha. Have a good time and be safe. I miss you! :). - Hope