Sunday, June 16, 2013

Day 4 | Logan

Awesome!!!!! Its about the only thing I can put on here, I love it here I wish that I could come here more. I know that we don’t see the really bad places with the starving children but it’s a really cool place here. Today we attended a Haitian church service and the first thing that Lane and myself saw was the drum set( we knew they were civilized) during service they would sing a song and we would try to figure out what they were singing. We eventually figured out what song it was and we would sing the English version. We also went on THE HIKE ( bum bum bum) it was fun and even though a lot of people got scraped up and bruised we still had fun. ( but we aren’t going to do it again well atleast not on this trip) I miss everyone and hope everything is going well I love and miss all of you even that stupid fat dog segway. Love you guys see you soon


  1. Haha! You know it's so weird being on this side of the mission work and I have to say it's just a blessing. I've read all that you guys have written and it just gets me all fired up. I love all of you guys and I am praying for you! Cherish each moment you are there. Open your eyes and see the people. Realize that your God is not just a Western white people thing, that he is present throughout the world and he is to be celebrated throughout all of creation - for all people. And bring that idea of God home with you, and never give it up.

    Haha...Eric, tell Russell that I disagree with whatever statement he just said lol.

    - Mattbailey

  2. So proud of all the work you guys are doing and I am so glad that you are loving the hard work. I know that you really have a heart for missions and I am praying that as the week progresses you continue to be blessed by serving and that God continues to show you his plan for your week and for life.
    Love you,