Sunday, June 16, 2013

Day 4 | Lori

It has been an amazing few days! The Haitian people are welcoming and friendly. Noah’s ark is coming together. Adults and kids have been stopping by to see what it is we are doing. I met a young man yesterday. I asked him if he spoke English, when he said he did, I jumped across a pile of lumber to talk with him. We only spoke for a short time, but he asked me what I loved. I told him I loved God and my family and I shared with him about the playground. He wanted to know if we would be there Monday. I told him we would be. I asked him if he wanted to me some of the youth, he laughed, and said, “They’re crazy.” I laughed and said, “Yes!” The worship service was beautiful. Music in any language speaks to the heart especially when you know the message of the song. Even though we have worked and played hard (yes I went on the hike) I have been blessed every day. God is wonderful! Special thanks to Russell, Tyler, Logan, Johnny, and Lloyd for helping me on the hike. They made great coaches and at times a hand to hold on to. It was an adventure I will never forget! Happy Fathers’ Day. Thank you for your continuing prayers and support. Much love.


  1. Love and miss you!


  2. Well I figured I would comment since Hannah said I hadn't. I love u and miss u much but have great enjoyment knowing that u and Bug are sharing a wonderful experience together. Can't wait to see you Love Will