Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 5 | Emily Bleigh

Well, let me first start off by saying I’m happy to be alive. Literally, I almost died three times yesterday. The “hike” we went on was a cliff with trees. I slid down the whole way, and got cut up pretty good. I got bit by fire ants too. Becka fixed me though. Our tour guide Johnny is the only reason I’m still alive. I cried three times on that mountain, and will never do that again. When I got to the bottom, I laid on the rocks because I couldn’t even walk. I went to bed at like six, so that’s why I didn’t blog last night. Today I’m doing better! We worked on the boat some more today. Trey and I helped build the rock wall. Lane, Courtney, and I made lunch, and we were told it was good. After lunch, work was really slow. There wasn’t much to do unless you were on the top of the boat. After the little “hike” incident, I’m not getting on anything high for a while. One thing I do want to say is the bible study last night was great. Bill was talking about being in bondage to something. Well, he just so happened to mention one of the biggest causes of stress in my life. He said people can be bondage to their grade. An example he gave is “I need to get a 24 on my ACT to get in to WVU.” That is straight on for me. I feel like that controls me. I am going to try to do better though. Mom, I’m okay, I took pictures of my cuts so you can see. Love you!


  1. I wondered if you went on the "hike". I thought when you didn't blog yesterday, you must have gone to bed early. I was a bit worried about you after hearing how treacherous the trip to the waterfall was. I'm glad I didn't know for sure if you went! We miss you so much and I was disappointed when I didn't see you on skype, but it was good hearing from the other gals....and Lloyd. I hope you are enjoying all the new experiences and the chance to serve. I pray not only for your safety but that you will grow spiritually and closer to God. I know I already said it but I'm gonna say it again, I'm so proud of you! I'm so glad God gave me you :) more hikes. Sawyer says he loves you and misses you. Your cats and birds are fine, although Cow is a little mopey without you here. She has been enjoying the cool late nights out on the deck basking on the picinic table with the tiki tourches burning. You have her spoiled. Dad says he loves you bunches. Be safe and I will see you soon. I love you!!!

  2. I totally understand what you mean about being in bondage to a standard set by other people. So much of my life I have judged myself against others instead of seeing my own worth in God's eyes. I am not what I do - fail or succeed - I am God's child and my identity is in him.

    I love reading your posts! Deep stuff dude! Never forget it. Let it speak to your soul and change the way you think. Carry the mission in your heart all the days of your life. It doesn't stop when you come home, it just changes location. Love you guys!!!

    - Matt

  3. Wise words Matt! Thanks for sharing that with her.