Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 5 | Emily Conley

Another amazing day in Haiti has come to a close. The ark is coming along great, and more and more people are stopping to see what we’re up to. Lots of Haitians will jump right in and work alongside us; it is so cool to interact with them. They are also becoming more comfortable with us during morning Bible study. They get up and share their prayer requests then Jeff will translate them to us. Lane leads us in worship with a guitar, and they clap and dance along. Eric read us all of the comments on our blogs and videos tonight. We had such a fun time listening to all of them. Thank you guys for leaving your comments. It means so much to us to hear what you have to say. Love and miss you all.

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  1. Emily your posts are so mature. Not only in content but maturity with the Lord. I am so proud of the work and the experience that you are receiving. God bless the group!