Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day 6 | Becka

Today was a great day. I have felt the healthiest so far. My ear infection is finally going away and I can hear people talk ☺ Every morning we have a bible study by our ark. We invite the Haitians to join us in bible time and songs. After we finish, we greet each other. This usually involves us saying “bonjour” and shaking hands, as this is all we know how to say. Today I was able to talk with a few gentlemen who know some English. Leo and Eddy were very nice and could speak almost fluent English even though they said their English was very bad. I enjoyed talking to them. They asked how many words I knew in French Creole, so I counted: Bonjour (good morning), bonsouis (good afternoon), merci (thank you), wi (yes). Basically I know 4 words. Leo is convinced learning Creole would be easy for me. I laughed pretty hard at that. It is a very pretty language but sounds very difficult to catch onto. I am hoping after two weeks that I can learn a few more words! Thank you all for the continued prayers. We are having a great time and making awesome progress towards our Ark. The team is working so well together and enjoying each others company. I’m sad to see some of them go home on Thursday and anticipating the next group to come down. Pray for safe travels for Wed/Thur/Fri as there are various people driving to and from West Virginia.

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