Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day 6 | Hannah

I forgot to write something yesterday I lead bible study about worries. I am feeling much better. Last night Russell, Logan, Tyler, and Uncle Bill called themselves the Prom Squad. Mrs. Moyers this is for you. I have taken a shower and more than once so you should not smell me anymore. Dad I must say everyone was laughing, Russell said another bites the dust, but thanks for writing. I hope the air conditioner will be working when I come home and Maddy will be unscunked. It doesn’t surprise me that Nana cant figure out how to respond to the blog but I hope see while figure it out. Today we went to the market , it was horrible I will never ever go back . Then we went on a tour of where they we at last year and the bakery which was pretty cool but something that I don’t want to do. Yesterday I am sponsoring a little boy who is five years old and is in preschool. His name is Dawensky Edmond . Hopefully I will get to meet him. Right now I am watching Trey and Emily going through Honey Roasted Peanuts withdrawl. Daddy I love and miss you. I still want to stay next week but I cant !

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  1. Bug, I'm glad you're feeling better!

    Maddy still stinks...but I played fetch with her this evening anyway. I'm not sure what Nana is doing...she has written something to you, Mom and Brent...but it doesn't post. I have no idea what step she is missing!

    I know Daddy is ready for you and Mom to come home...and so am I!! I miss you and love you!!

    Aunt Ronnie