Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day 6 | Trey

Today was an extraordinary day! I was on the second trip to the market. The market was something else. Bill picked me to be the team leader with the money and the one to barter. We got 1 coconut, 2 some kind of fruit that was amazing, 8 of some veggie that was in cole-slaw, 8 avocados, and 15 habaneras. We went to a bakery and Roger asked if I could put the dough in the pan and I did. We rode a truck on the way their on a bumpy road. Around 9:10 we and Emily C. were going crazy because we ate Honey Roasted Peanuts. We couldn’t stop laughing! Becka found a lizard on the wall and Hannah and I chased it from one wall to the other, Allie picked it up and screamed and threw it on Hannah, Hannah screamed and dropped it and I picked it up and took it out side. We put him in a cup and Allie, Emily B., and I decided to throw it on Vicki. Allie opened the door and she came out and I said “hey, have a lizard”. I thought I missed her but I was on her back and we were going nuts! Vicki screamed and thought we were joking, so I grab it and show her that she really had it and she chased us, it was a wild night.

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  1. Hey there....things round wrk & home hectic as usual. I have ben reading everyones blogs & watching the videos that eric/becca have put together daily. I feel as tho im tuning into a daytime story show! Glad to hear u shined @ the market altho ur cohorts dont seem to share the same oppinions. As this bunch comes home & the newbies arrive make sure to hugum all. Lov & mis u bunches! Mom