Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day 6 | Mary

Well today was a great day as well. We got split up today in two teams and the first team got to go to the market and the other one stayed and worked on the ark. Then when the first team got back the rest got to go to the market that was a sad thing. We all got a little tour of Haiti in a back of a truck that we all had to stand up on just to say that was painful. After the truck ride I am going to thank God that we have black top roads. I will not say anything about the roads again. We got to stop at a bakery where they bake the bread in a wood stove and we got to test some of the bread it was great. When we got back from the market and the tour we had to get lunch so we had hot dog they were so great, but the hot dog bun didn’t stay together so I ate my bun by itself. After that we got to work on the ark and we had to start to work on a cargo net just to say while I was working on it I got hit 4 different time 3 of the times I got hit by the same person but it was ok. We all got to try some fruit that nobody knows what it is but it was good. I am so sad that I will not get to put the last things on the ark but I will get to see it can’t wait to see it done. We all that are staying one week wish we could stay one more week. I love it here in Haiti and I thought I would not but I was wrong. The food here is a lot different from home but it taste to good. Will be home on Friday.Love and miss you all

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