Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day 6 | Logan

Well today we were split into two teams the awesome team and then the other team, I’ll let you guess which one I was on. Well while the other team went to the market first the awesome team stayed here and worked on the ark, well some of them got to I was routing out scripture on 2x6s in French Creole, and I was using a paper that our translator gave me. Well I had just finished my third board and he brings one of my boards back to me and it just so happened that it was my LONGEST VERSE and he said this u is suppose to be an n, now on the paper you couldn’t tell. So tomorrow I jet the pleasure of re doing it, ain’t I lucky. Well the market wasn’t really that fun for me, it was crowded and noisy. Also there was a guy in a black trench coat who followed us around after he met a few of the girls in the group, lets just say me and Russ kept an eye on him the whole time. Well unfortunately our adventure is coming to a rapid decent and soon I will be back at my boring job and life will go on, but I wish I could stay just one more week, I’ve never not finished a project for a mission trip before. It’s a really weird feeling its like I’m one of those groups that we end up pulling their slack. I really want to get this done and the rest of us do too, its eating up Russell and Tyler, as for me I just really want to get it done so I can play on it! This thing is the coolest park ever! I miss you all and I will be home soon. Love Logan


  1. Sounds like the job of writing the verses on the boards is not your favorite! I am sure you are doing a great job and I know it is hard to leave a job half done but you have started a good work and your team's hard work will allow the others to complete and the children to enjoy! Maybe next year you can go back and play with the children on the ark!!
    Love you

  2. Next year I might go and see what u did lol