Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day 6 | Emily Conley

Today was a fun day. In the morning, we split into two groups and hopped into the back of a dump truck sort of thing. We clung to the bars for dear life and headed for the market. The market was a crazy experience! When my group went there were TONS of people there. We got to barter for some food with Haitian money with the help of our translator. After that we took a tour in the back of the truck (I forgot to mention we had to stand the whole time.) We stopped at a bakery where we could actually eat the bread, and it was amazing. In the afternoon, we worked on the cargo net. Let’s just say that was definitely an experience. I am sad that our time here is going by so fast. I wish I could stay longer, and work some more. I know the second group that comes will do an awesome job of finishing what we have started though. Miss and love you all.

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  1. Mom's driving and a comfy seat probably sounds pretty good right now. I am thankful that you got to go and serve God in this fashion. Prayers for safe journey for you back home and for the others just embarking on this grand adventure. Love ya and proud of ya.