Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day 6 | Mickey

Today was another great day here and much was accomplished. Each morning we do a bible study with the Haitian’s, this is something that just started with our group and they want it to continue after we leave with all of the Haitian workers. Each day it has grown and this morning they outnumbered us. Also as the week has went they have started to open up and share more. At the end of the bible study we ask if they have any prayer request that we can pray for. On the first day none of them spoke up, and now there are several that are sharing prayer concerns and things that are going on in their lives. God has truly blessed here and I pray that it is something that can continue. Today was also the day that we got to go to the market and purchase goods from the locals. We had to split our group in to 2 teams due to the size of our group and how crowded the market is. They gave us each 60 Haitian Dollars to spend and that equals about $7.50 American. Our only instructions were to buy our food from one particular village of people due to them having a working relationship with the Baptist Haiti Mission. The village is Bois Bernard and for them to get to the market with their goods the women get up at 2:00 a.m. and begin their hike to the market place. With the distance they travel there is no way I could ever make this trip once let alone on a daily basis. My experience at the market is one that I wish I could forget. First I would like to tell me wife that I have officially cheated on her today and I was not even involved. I had one of the Haitian women take me by the hand and look at each finger and then she started to touch my face while she had a big smile on her face and was talking to her daughter the entire time. Then she started to rub my belly and then my back. There was no place for me to go, I could not move forwards or backwards. I didn’t understand anything that she was saying and then she started to touch my face again and then pointed her daughter out to me. At this time I was ready to get out of there. The last straw was when she started feeling my butt. I then was making a way to get out. Vicki ended up being my saving grace, by telling her that I was her husband. Then the lady looked at the ring on my finger and then stopped. We could not get out of there quick enough. Besides her I had 2 other women rub my belly and laugh and call my Big Poppy. Some of you are probably wondering why and I am telling this myself, but I know if I don’t someone else will and I want it to be correct.


  1. After the sadness of today it was nice to laugh at your blog. Knew I should have had a t-shirt printed for you that said: "They call me Big Poppy!" Well just think honey if you ever get tired of me there are plenty of Haitian women that would be happy to have you. Wonder how much they would offer me to leave you there? Just a thought. Tell Vicki thanks for me I'm glad she rescued you - wish I could have seen it! You know you'll never live this down, right?

    Must say today was tough but it was good to be with family, just wish it had been under different circumstances. Wish you could have been here. If you can-give me a call sometime. Need to ask you about something. Be safe!

  2. I would have loved to see the look on your face and your reaction to all of this. Funny story!

  3. People at work will really enjoy this story!!!!! LOL!!