Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Day 7 | Logan

It’s the last night here and no one wants to go home. We have had such a great and blessed time here in Haiti. I talked to Trey ( not Lane’s son) who is in charge of the internships here for summers about the possibility of me getting a spot for next summer. I’m not sure if its what I should be looking into but I just saw him today and it came out. Today we barbered and I was paired with John it wasn’t bad he was good at it I just kinda stood back and watched him go. He was doing good until a guy asked 30 for a knife and he said nah I’ll give you 3. Also I got all the signs written out for Kels, I have no idea if they are right but we shall see. It really sucks to be leaving unfinished, last time I was here I didn’t get to do much and now that we’ve done so much we don’t get to finish. Its eating me up pretty bad I may be kinda down tomorrow. Also I don’t get to say goodbye to my friends from the beach camp, I miss them a lot. I’m gonna really miss this place and if this is my last time I ever get to come back so be it. We didn’t get to see our sponsor child but we did get to meet one of dad’s,he was a little boy named Evans. He’s already one my awesome list cause when we met him he was drawing, so naturally I had to draw him a picture. So I drew him a picture of a parrot and Tyler gave him his bag of toys. It’s a good thing mom wasn’t here or we’d have to pull him out of her luggage on our way home. Well I’ll be home soon so you all can ask me for more stories I miss you all and cant wait to see you all again. Love Logan

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