Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 8 | Ashley

I guess I’ll start out with driving to Florida. The drive was looooong. I only went to sleep for about two hours so it was very long! Today was such a crazy day! I’ve flown before but I was very little and don’t remember any of it. So the flight was a very unknown and scary thing. Rachel & I both said that we thought it would ‘shoot off like a roller coaster.’ But we knew it probably wouldn’t…that’s EXACTLY what it was like! The landing was even scarier. Rachel and I almost squeezed each others hands off! The most shocking thing to me was the amount of rusted roofs and make-shift houses we saw. I knew it would be a lot but it was so shocking because we were in the biggest city with no tall buildings what so ever. Its crazy to see all of these people without anything and walking everywhere. The traffic was crazy & hilarious! I can already tell just from today how blessed I truly am. I am so thankful for everything!! & too mom, dad, Jenny & Erica-I miss you guys so much & I love you! To Nathaniel- I miss you soooo much! I love you even more!!

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  1. Hi Ashley! So thankful you are there safely. Glad you 'liked' flying! WE are blessed beyond measure and I pray God uses YOU to bless others this week. Everyone has been asking about you and Rachel. Many, many prayers are going up for your team's work there. We love you!