Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 8 | Rachel Tonkin

The best part of my day today was driving the 11 miles to the camp that took 2 hours. During the drive I saw many things that amazed and shocked me. Communities made of just tents, colorful buildings, and even a man pushing a wheelbarrow carrying what seemed to be half of a cow (raw may I add!). I’ve not even been here for a whole day and I have already been shown how blessed I am, even as a child. In one community, I saw a young child playing with a grocery bag tied to a string. It was blowing in the wind. He seemed so happy and content with just that small “toy” he had created. I am already amazed by how happy these people are with only a small amount of things they have compared to us. I’m sure this will continue all throughout the trip, because it is true… We are extremely blessed.

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  1. Hi Rachel! So happy you are there safely! I can't imagine an 11 mile drive taking 2 hours! We even take roads for granted. We definitely are blessed and I pray God uses YOU to bless so many this week. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Christ. We love you!