Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 8 | Brent

Today was very sad at first. Everybody left that wasn’t staying for two weeks. Everybody was sad. Then the 8 of us that stayed went to the mountain made café again. We played cards a lot after. We also toke lots of naps. Then they all got here it was like a reunion.


  1. Brent,

    I hope this next week is as wonderful as the first. I really miss you and I'll be so excited to see you next week.

    Aunt Lori and Bug and I were texting once they got back to I'll be seeing them tomorrow.

    Elizabeth has been dying to go swimming at Aunt Lana's, but with the rain and heat, it is taking longer to get the water right. She is really hoping tomorrow is the day! I may even leave work early to take her.

    I love you bunches!!
    Aunt Ronna

  2. Brent,
    I haven't posted anything but I wanted to let you know that I am very proud of you. Keep working hard and remember that all you are doing is for the glory of God. Lori has texted Mom and I some pictures of you. Can't wait to pick you up next week.


  3. I hope you liked the treat I sent. Aunt Lori has sent me a few pictures of you. Nana and I were just saying yesterday that we weren't seeing you enough in the videos. I told her it was your "picture radar" skills! She has been trying to post to your blogs, but technology seems to be against her!
    I'm praying that God continues to use you in the coming week...I can't wait to hear all the details in person- I know you're not much for writing/typing.
    We all love you and miss you greatly! I can't wait to see you next week....and yes I will hug and kiss you in front of everyone!