Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 8 | Mickey

What a week it has been. Hard to believe the first week is over and the first group is already on the road headed to the airport and the second group is in the air heading this way. God has blessed us so much and it’s hard to imagine what he has in store for this next group coming in. There are a lot of mixed emotions going on with everyone right now. It all started last night when the realization came that the first groups week had come to an end and that they were going home with a project that they had started but did not get to finish. This is a first for us, there is no doubt this group could have finish the work but we also know that would not be fair for the next group coming in. We have also never had a group leave and all of us not go, the trip home is a big part of the mission trip in its self, the sharing, the memories made, and the laughter within the group that you have just spent so much time with. This morning was no different than last night, when it came time for them to get on the bus to leave; it felt as though we were being separated. If it wasn’t for the love of everyone I would not have went out to see them off. This is being harder than I ever imagined. Also this will be the longest I have been away from my wife and daughters. Can’t wait to get back to see them, but I also need to get focused and prepared for the next group to arrive and help make sure everything ready for them to start work in the morning. They are due to arrive around 6:00 this evening, enough time for them to unpack and get briefed on what has been done and what needs to be done. There are 8 of us here that are staying for both weeks. We are taking the day to clean the house, dining area, and the shower houses and try to get some reset before the next group arrives. They will be fresh and ready to go. I pray that the group that just left has a safe travel home and that the next group all arrives safely.


  1. Hey, babe! If you miss cleaning after leaving Haiti I'll leave some stuff for you to do here at home. Sorry it has been hard on you with the first group leaving, but many amazing experiences are ahead of you. Think how many memories you are making with so many wonderful people. Can't wait to see the finished playground. I'm sure the kids can't wait either! Only one more day until I can pick Riley up and have both of my girls home. Hopefully things will continue going well here while you are away. Can't believe it will be another week until you are home. Stay focused and safe! Love you!

  2. It's me again! Just watched the day six video. If you want you can take a nap in the wheelbarrow here at home, too! I'll even give you a pillow! I'll give the girls a big hug and kiss from you!