Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 8 | Emerson

We finally made it to Haiti! It was about 10 minutes till 4 when we got off the plane and I actually had a good ride. I made a new friend along the way named Victor. He was a Swedish boy that moved over to Texas with his family. He told me that they go on mission trips all the time and he’s only 15! It surprised me that someone so young had such love for God. I actually like the weather where we’re at right now it’s just about right for my liking. Then again we haven’t started working yet but I’m sure I’ll find out all about that tomorrow! We’re actually going to get to see game 7 of the NBA finals tonight with one of the locals named Johnny. I met him a little while ago and he is a pretty cool guy. I’m really missing everyone back home already! But I cannot wait for the experience I’m going to Have this week! Everyone please still keep us in your prayers! Mom and dad everything is going great so you have nothing to worry about! Tell everyone in the family to get on here and read everyones blogs. Love you all!

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