Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 8 | Kelsie

Today was sad, but happy day. We all cried saying bye to everyone this morning. It was really sad to see them go and it was just very weird. We cleaned after everyone was gone and me and Becka went and got cinnamon rolls from Mountain Maid for breakfast. Mary Lou thought everyone was leaving so when we came back and said that the few of us was staying and more were coming she came out of the kitchen dancing and gave us all hugs. We went up to Mountain Maid for lunch again. Once back we all took long naps while it poured the rain and thundered. Trey, Brent, Mickey and I played a few games before going outside to wait on the new crew. It was exciting to see everyone arrive and show them around and tell stories of last week. It’s still a little weird without the first group here, but I’m excited to spend the week with this group. Thanks mom for your last post, love and miss you so much!! Tell grandma, grandpa, Brittany, Kingston and everyone else that I miss and love them very much!! Love you bigger than the sky mom and dad!!!

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  1. Miss you Kels! Be safe, and have a great rest of the trip.- Emily