Friday, June 21, 2013

Day 9 | Chase

Well today we were introduced to Haiti bible study it was pretty cool with all there singing even though I couldn’t understand a thing they said. IT was also pretty cool listening to the interrupter while mark was talking. After that we went right to work. Team Decent started with the slide putting it together and cutting the cubby whole for the kids to go through to the slide. Also Earl and Ethan I dug a lot today and have more so I am still right with the loppers and shovel miss you guys and love ya. Anyways then the Team Decent was promoted to making cement and a lot of we had a lot of fun today. The people here are really nice and will help you with anything they are real fun to listen to they get on to each other a lot still funny even though you have no idea what there saying. Well im about to great meal that has been preparing all day so, I will talk to everyone tomorrow about the day!

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