Friday, June 21, 2013

Day 9 | Mickey

What a beautiful day it was. The second team arrived around 5:00 yesterday evening and the first group returned home safely around 9:30 this morning. God truly blessed us today; the weather was great today somewhere in the mid-eighties. This morning bible study with the Haitians was good, though we did lack in the music department since Lane went home. We have some practice to do before tomorrow morning. After that the newbies were given a tour of the Baptist Haiti Mission compound and then we were able to get started working. Everyone worked hard today and much was accomplished. The big red slide was assembled and put it place. Before we had the concrete in the holes we had one child trying to climb up it and then go down the slide. Josiah is a 3 year old that lives here whose family are full time missionaries. From the time that he heard about a playground being built here he has asked his mom daily if today was the day for us to show up and build the playground and she kept telling him no not today but soon. The day we arrived and when he woke up that morning he asked him mom if today was the day and she said yes Josiah today is the day. Since then he has been at the playground all day watching us and climbing on anything that he can. He has some of the biggest blue eyes you have ever seen and he is all smiles and can’t wait to play on everything that is going up. The remainder of the side walls was completed today along with the interior walls for the rope swinging bridge. We started a new platform for another cargo net and slide today and hope to finish those tomorrow. It would be nice to finish this by Monday so we could spend a couple of days playing with the kids and teaching them the story of Noah and why he built the Ark. All of the kids worked hard today and some are ready for bed. I pray all is well at home and look forward to seeing my girls next week.


  1. All is well here! Trying to get Faith to wind down so I can put her to bed soon! We go get Riley tomorrow! Yeah! I wish I could be there to see the look on the kids' faces as they play on the new playground. Faith is as funny as ever! She only time she really crawls is when she wants to get to the cat. And as soon as she touches Tappy-that's the end of that! She has a check-up next week and Riley has a podiatrist appointment in Clarksburg. Should be a busy week. Trying to think of things to keep Riley occupied so she won't miss you so much, but I know she will anyway. Love you and take care!

  2. Hi daddy! How are you doing? I miss you so much.How is the playground doing? I can't wait for you to get home! Love You!