Friday, June 21, 2013

Day 9 | Shawn

We got a tour of our camp after breakfast. It’s so neat to see how they supply a lot of their own needs with gardens, carpentry, masonry, steel shop and wood shop. We worked hard this morning and came in to a nice lunch. I fought back the tears as I looked at my team covered in sweat and dirt as I thought about how selfless they were. They could have gone anywhere else, but they chose to come here and work…and that we did! I worked with Allie, Madison, Gerri, Ashley and Rachel putting up sideboards on the arc. We had a real system working until Bill hollered for lunch and made us quit. I did not want to stop because we only had two boards left on the side we were working on…but the boss man spoke. I had to give a little on the OCD and start back up after lunch. Sun was HOT this afternoon while we worked. I dug multiple post holes with Allie, Madison, Becca, and Holden. Allie and I now have trophy blisters to show how hard we worked. This all is so uplifting…even the “bucket” shower wasn’t all that bad. I’m cleaner than I was! We did have a little funny when Trey and I shared a bathroom stall long enough to catch a cute lil nonthreatening green lizard. Trey eventually got him and our bathroom as back in business.

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