Friday, June 21, 2013

Day 9 | Tiara

First official day of work completed!! Oh my legs feel like jello! I chiseled, hammered, and screwed so many screws in I thought my am was going to fall off. But let’s get off of my aching bones and talk about my day now shall we. Breakfast was god, I helped prepare it- I was the EGG MASTER!! Sausage, eggs, and toast were all served. Yummy! Next came the work. I started out working on chiseling, and then after lunch I switched over to screwing in the nails on a platform for the small slides. I met some cool people today. Everybody here is so nice and friendly. You can’t help but have a smile on your face. What is really cool is that myself and a group of friends were playing Frisbee, I saw a Haitian man watching our game. So when I invited him to play, his face lit up! It was Great! We had a fun time teaching him, even though he couldn’t quite get the hang of it! In the meantime however, we had attracted a small crowd. A few more Haitians joined in to play. I had a blast today, and am soo looking forward to tomorrow!

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