Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day 10 | Bill

What an outstanding day, everyone needs to read Shawn Hunters blog today. The work project is coming along great. We let Josiah and his sister go down the big red slide and they had a ball. We finished the small red slide and yellow slide today and have 2 small cargo nets and one rock wall going up to it. The team finished all of the signs today with scripture and got them all painted. The swinging bridge is done and operational, but we had to replace one board because it didn’t pass the mickey test. Everyone is using the rock wall as a ladder now and I mean everyone. By the end of Monday’s work the playground should be operational with only the monkey bars left and maybe the swinging rings. We still have benches to build and a lot of clean up around the playground. The team is working very hard and it is beginning to get really hot. We have not had any clouds the last 2 days and the sun has been beating down on us. Remember to read Shawn’s blog today. Love ya bron and tell the boys hi for me. See you soon.

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  1. wow!!! What a day!!! Praise the Lord for the work and the salvation!! The ark looks fabulous, and I can hardly wait for videos of the children playing!! Worship will be even sweeter tomorrow with this news, as I am sure so yours will be also. I am assuming your are staying back from the near death experience hike tomorrow? Get some rest and finish strong and in one piece. Even Tyler says its a crazy hike.
    Love you and Miss you!!!